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Some emacs commands I don’t use but want to start.

Here are some emacs commands I want to get in the habit of using:

Move forward or back by one page: ^v and Mv

Uppercase and lowercase a word: Mu and Ml

Capitalize a word: Mc

Uppercase and lowercase a selection: ^x^u and ^x^l, it makes a fuss the first time you use ^x^u since new users apparently find it confusing.

Repeat a command [#] times: ^u [#] [. . . ]

This is the hard one: skip to matching bracket forward is M^f, backwards is M^b but it for { . . .}x your cursor has to be on the x.

Also, did you know there is a mark ring: ^x^x brings you to the mark, ^u^spc moves you back through the mark ring, popping the values as you go.


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